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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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IDE: Wiced studio 6.4

Board CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT Rev *A

The default UART configuration to the wireless module is insufficient for our data rates.

How can this be reconfigured?

I suspect changes to wiced_uart.c (uart_config) are not linked in because the application is linking against precompiled libraries.

For reference, this is my make target: snip.bluetooth.ble_hello_client-CY8CKIT_062 download run

I've even tried calling bt_host_update_baudrate with both 115200 and 3000000. Both fail in application_start (after wiced_bt_stack_init) and in the client_management_callback (after BTM_ENABLED_EVT)

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As you have correctly pointed out that the changes are not being correctly linked against the pre-compiled libraries (which is expecting the baud rate to be 115200) and also with the BT firmware which is by default compiled for 115200 baud rate (location for the firmware: 43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/drivers/bluetooth/firmware/43438A1/37_4MHz/bt_firmware_controller.c). Please mention the use-case for the higher baud-rate and also mention a stripped down version of our application for us to easily reproduce the issue.

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I am using a modified version of ble_hello_client.

The modifications I have made connect to a Nordic PCA10040 running a ATT_MEU throughput example [via device name filtering].

In this example the Nordic device advertises as a connectable peripheral. There is a characteristic that, when notifications are enabled, spams notifications to the conneced central (My CY8CKIT-062) to get a throughput test.

I'm able to achieve 370kbps with my telephone, and around 250kbps with my PC.

Use case:

Through connection interval tuning, I'm able to achieve a maximum of 72kbps on the Cypress CY8CKIT-062. I believe I am being limited by the UART HCI link.