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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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I am making a connection to 2 different phones at the same time and trying to setup 2 simultaneous SCO links using HFP. For this to work I need at least one of the connections to route through the APP, I can see that it can be done by using:

wiced_bt_dev_status_t voice_patch_status =  wiced_bt_sco_setup_voice_path(&hfp_client_voice_path_setup);

WICED_BT_TRACE("Voice path setup status: %d\n\r", voice_patch_status);

I have inserted it right after:

result = wiced_bt_hfp_hf_init(&config, hfp_client_event_callback);

In the init of hfp.

And the rest is:

void hfp_client_sco_data(uint32_t ltch_len, uint8_t *p_data)


static wiced_bt_voice_path_setup_t hfp_client_voice_path_setup =


              .path = WICED_BT_SCO_OVER_APP_CB,

              .p_sco_data_cb = &hfp_client_sco_data


I get status 0 Success but when I make the connection, I get a BTM_SCO_DISCONNECTED_EVT after BTM_SCO_CONNECTION_REQUEST_EVT instead of a BTM_SCO_CONNECTED_EVT.

I have also tried it in the Audio_Headset_and_Speaker example, there uses the bt_hs_spk_lib component, so here I have done it by:


And then the component should do the rest but same result, a disconnect.

I have been looking around but can’t find what I am doing wrong, do I need to include or setup something more to get it to work?

Is there an example project that uses wiced_bt_sco_setup_voice_path to APP?

Is there an example project their setup multiple SCO connections?

I use:

  • CYW920721B2EVK-02
  • Eclipse with ModusToolBox v2.2.0
  • Bluetooth SDK version 2.8.0
  • A headset with microphone


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Hi @JaPe_4792901 ,


CYW20721 is not a broad-market product, therefore is not supported here on Community. I would suggest you to please get in touch with your local Cypress team or Cypress FAE. They will help you to resolve your issue.