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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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I am using CYBT-333047_EVAL board with EZ-serial firmware software.

During the Serial communcation process, sometimes the bluetooth connection will be lost in the middle of data transfer.

Could someone please help me to understand why it is happening so and what changes I need to do?

One more issue is, I can see the bluetooth module is advertising and can be connectable only when I press the reset button on the Evaluation board. should I set the XRES pin always high or how it should be configured in order to advertise the bluetooth module soon after the power is supplied to the board ?

Thanks in advance.

1 Solution

XRES is an active low signal and should be pulled HIGH at all other operational times unless the intent is to reset. Its function is to do a power-on-reset. However if XRES is exerted, it should be held so for at least 50ms to let the DC supply voltages stablizes. This is carried out so via a voltage detector.

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