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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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I am working on a project using Ble beacons. I am interested in working with Ble 5.0 to create a mesh network with BLE BEACONS (ex: IBeacon, AltBeacon etc.).But i am not able to find an example which can create a mesh network of the active beacons, and thus displays the related information in an android or ios app. Can you please direct me to one such example.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi nira_4495266

Currently no application is created which works as a "mesh network of active beacons". But you can create this application using Modus/WICED SDK, based on the requirement of your end application. You can go through BLE_Beacon application code to understand the multi-advertisements.

On mesh side, if your end application scenario is appropriate to use standard mesh models, then you can select any of the standard model app from snip/mesh application. Or if you want to define a custom model then you can use mesh_vendor_specific_app and create your mesh device.

Meaning, you can select any one of the mesh sample project (which is appropriate for your end application) and modify it by adding your additional advertisements and create a combination of beacon+mesh application.




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