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WICED Studio Bluetooth

New Contributor II

I found an older Anaren "Bluetooth Smart Development Kit" on my junk shelf and am trying to determine if it has any real use to me.

At time of production, it was advertised to interface with the Atmosphere IoT platform; when Anaren end-of-lifed the 20737 module, Atmosphere ended platform support.

It was suggested I could use the Wiced SDK to still work with the dev board, but after downloading and installing the Wiced SDK, not seeing that it supports the 20737.

I'm a hobbyist when it comes to this kind of stuff, its not my day job engineering focus and expertise, so I'd be lying if I said I was comfortably familiar with these kinds of dev tools.

Was hoping to get some insight as to whether the guidance I received regarding the Dev kit and 20737 module and being able to manage it in the Wiced SDK is accurate info, or whether I'm wasting my time trying to make that happen.

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New Contributor II

Success!! Looks like we have Wiced Smart for the win. I needed to click a few screens further in, and that led me to the 20737 being listed as a supported device in Wiced Smart (but not, Wiced Studio). I was able to load one of the example files onto the device, so looks like this at least gives me some access to the EVK.

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