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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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I have created project and build an image following " Chapter 6A: Classic Bluetooth - The Wireless Serial Port Profile (SPP)" as attached.

The application is running and the device can be seen and paired. However, I could not see virtual serial ports listed on the COM (device manager).

From the trace, I could see the pairing process has no problem. The problem is connecting. I could not see the trace information from the three SPP callback functions,

spp_connection_up_callback, spp_connection_down_callback and  spp_rx_data_callback when connecting. it seems that the "wiced_bt_spp_startup(&spp_reg);" has not been executed properly somehow. Or the spp.c file is not linked properly. I don't know.

I have run the demo. It works fine and a bluetooth virtual com can been seen.

These two projects should have similar application size after build. However, the eq_spp is smaller (4.7K) thant spp (6.1k). Is something not right with Wiced Studio IDE?

I have seen a similar post here, and has no answer for it.

Could you please have a look to see what is missing in my project.


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I found this in the demo:

#if defined (CYW20706A2)

    // Initialize RFCOMM.  We will not be using application buffer pool and will rely on the

    // stack pools configured in the wiced_bt_cfg.c

    wiced_bt_rfcomm_init(MAX_TX_BUFFER, 1);


I added this initialisation into the project I created and it works

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