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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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As far as I know BCM 20736sdoes not have external antenna.

In Page 21 of technical manual, there are PCB design recommendations to increase efficiency of the internal antenna.

However, I'm having trouble to understand these recommendations.

1. It says to connect L-Shape Ground plane to side D.  should I connect this start point of L-shape GND plane to the middle of side D?

2. What is the length of this L-shape grould plane? (it doesn't provide the proper length of this L-shape plane)

3. It says that ' if the L-Shape GND plane is located on the top layer of the PCB, do not place components on the ground plane'.

Does it mean that I shouldn't place any components on the ground plane? or just the keep-out area on the ground plane?

I placed this chip on PCB without reading this page and am in trouble to using Bluetooth communication (it is connected and disconnected frequenctly). I'm gonna make new PCB design for this. Please helps me out. T_T



Min Lee

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