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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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Hardware Requirement

You must have an Android device that support Bluetooth Low Energy(4.0 or above), such as Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Series and so on.

Software Requirement

The android device should run version 4.3 and above. Earlier version before Android 4.3 will not work.

Install LEHelloClient apk from attachment. It’s an updated version based on SDK release in <\WICED-Smart-SDK>\Apps\hello_sensor\peerapps\Android\LeHelloClient\bin. Modifications are as follows:

  • UI layout changed to accommodate small screen
  • Text box moved next to read button
  • Fixed bug: can’t display characteristic value when button “Read” is clicked

Build and Download Example Application “LE Hello Client”

Follow instructions in “Session 02_Install Driver, Build and Download Application” to build and download example application “hello sensor” to WICED Smart Tag. Use make target “hello_sensor-BCM92073xTAG_Q32 download”.

Test “Hello Sensor” TAG with LE Hello Client

  • Keep EVB BCM92073xTAG_Q32 powered on and application running.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on Android device.
  • Start the application LE Hello Client on Android device. Click Tap to select a device to select a peripheral.


Figure 1


Figure 2

  • If the hello sensor app is working correctly, the LE Hello Client App shows Hello peripheral in a list as shown in Figure 1.The longer the blue bar, the closer the peripheral.
  • Click the button Connect to connect your Android device to WICED Smart EVB as illustrated in Figure 2.
  • When connection is established, the status connected will be shown below MAC address as illustrated in Figure 3.
  • Slide down the screen. You can see service Device Information and service Battery. There are three characteristics in Device Information and one characteristic in Battery as showed in Figure 4. Manufacture Name String is showed as Broadcom. Model Number String is showed as 1234. System ID is showed as 71919F 5F8063b893. We can also get battery level as 0 under service Battery Service.


Figure 3


Figure 4

  • Slide up the screen. There are two characteristics, {8AC32D3F-5CB9-4D44-BEC2-EE689169F626} and {1B7E8251-2877-41C3-B46E-CF057C562023}, under service hello service as showed in Figure 5.
  • Push the middle (application) button on the EVB (as showed in Figure 10/Figure 11) then click button Read as showed in Figure 6. The Hello X message is updated. Each time the button is pressed, the message number X increments.
  • Choose Allow Notifications or Allow Indications from the download list (as showed in Figure 7) to enable notification or indication. Then push the middle (application) button on EVB. The Hello X message is updated automatically. Each time the button is pressed, the message number X increments, as is shown in figure 8.


Figure 5


Figure 6


Figure 7


Figure 8                                          

  • Change the value for the characteristic {5E9BF2A8-F93F-4481-A67E-3B2F4A07891A} to 0x03 and then click button Write(as showed in Figure 9) . The EVB emits an audible beep, and the LED flashes three times to acknowledge the write.
  • Push the Application button (Figure 10/Figure 11) on the WICED Smart EVB. The LED on the EVB blinks three times.


        Figure 9


        Figure 10


        Figure 11

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