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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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HI ,

I am using BCM920737_LE_Kit as a BLE central & interfaced it to the other MCU trough UART , Also i interfaced two sensors to Central device(Resistive Force Sensor as ADC i/p On pin P11 ,Shock Sensor as a External Interrupt on Pin P3 ). I am collecting data from the WICED sense tag as a peripheral device(Temp,Humidity & Press) adding force value to packet i am sending it over PUART (P32,P4-as PUART TX,RX).

When ever i give shock interrupt the force value get changed automatically.Also other temp & press values also changes..OR sometimes board itself RESTARTS .

Or even i change VTG on pin P11(ADC I/p force sensor) the other pin vtg get changed ...

I tried on USB power mode & Battery Mode also ..

I am using external power supply of 3.3v for Force & shock sensor ..Did proper GND connection also..

I thick the board have Power issue..

I want that when i trigger interrupt on P3 it should not cause any change on ADC & other pin vtgs..

Also When the ADC i/p Vtg changed it should not change other pin voltages.

Find attachment for code

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There's a lot going on in your code and a lot going on with your hardware. You need to begin to isolate different parts.

1. With no hardware attached, use jumper wires to emulate interrupts and ADC values. Do you still experience the same undesired behaviors?

2. Disable your PUART initialization in the code.

3. Try the code without any ADC hardware or firmware. Do the same for just interrupts.

4. Repeat step 1 while turning off different parts of the code.

5. Test different pins for each configuration. This one is big--ensure your pins aren't giving you problems.

I'll study your code in more depth to see if anything sticks out, but your best chance is to begin isolating different parts.


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Hi jakewtorres

I want to send the fixed length packet which i get in NOTIFICATION Handler In same subroutine Notification handler i am sending it over PUART but the last some bytes get corrupted sometime..

I sharing the source file in attachment

here i am sending fixed string but sometimes i get wrong data

the string i am sending is ="123456789"

But u can see the screen shot attachment


I responded to the your PUART question in your other post: Re: data packet & size of data getting changed while sending over puart​. As requested in that post, please emulate the PUART initialization found in Connecting an external board to the BCM2073X via the PUART.