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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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I downloaded the Android app to get the basic source code and decided the first step is to build the apk from source code.  I am a very new to developing Android apps and thought this would be a good place to get some experience.  I installed Eclipse about a month ago and have been plinking around with it to learn some basics.

Much to my chagrin, I found that I don't know how to bring in the WicedSense app into the Eclipse environment.  I assume this is the expected development method, correct?  Can someone please explain how to get the basic WicedSense app into Eclipse and build it?

I know this is a trivial question to someone who does this regularly, but I assume there will be other Hackathon entrants who have the same problem.

1 Solution

Step 1) make sure you have the android plugin installed to your eclipse with the help of Android SDK

(Installing the Eclipse Plugin | Android Developers)

Step 2) Unzip the project

Step 3: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Select File >> Import

Step 4: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Select Existing Projects into Workplace and click next


Step 5: Import the unzipped project to Eclipse: Click Browse to browse the unzipped project, click OK.

Step 6: Click Finish, you could see the project imported to Eclipse as shown below

Trouble shooting:

Eclipse will throw error when compatible compiler or SDK is not found in your development environment. Try either of the below solutions, it should work.
Most common error that occurs is “Unable to resolve target ‘android-XX'”.

Solution 1
Right click on the project >> Android Tools >> Fix Project Properties. If this solution doesn’t work, try Solution #2.

Solution 2
Open file present under the project folder and update the target version. Provide the target SDK version which is installed in your machine.

Android is open source, you can go ahead and google more to learn more about Android app development.

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