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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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Hey guys,

I'm working with the Anaren Development Kit, which has the BCM20737 on it. It also has some sensors which can be used.

So, with the help of the WICED Smart Designer I wrote a program which measures the vibrations of the board. These can be recorded by the accelerometer LIS3DH on the board. Then I want to calculate the FFT of the measured data and to send the results via BLE to my smartphone. To read the sent data I use the WICED Smart Explorer.

I programmed the controller with the created make target. I can find the application in the WICED Smart Explorer but I can't connect to the controller. What do I have to do to connect the smartphone to the controller?

And into which registers I have to write the calculated data to send them to my smartphone?

Can you help me with these problems?

Thanks in advance!!!

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I'm not sure how the WICED Smart Designer can be used in conjuction with the Anaren Atmosphere/Development kit environment.

I have copied some of the Anaren technical team on this note as they should be able to help you create the desired application within their Atmosphere environment, then connect to the board using their own Explorer that is available for free form the iOS or Google App Stores.

rgtech anarennavigator mbowyer

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