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WICED Smart Bluetooth

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I'd like to know what does blecen_GetConn() mean, and correct disconnection sequence.

With using hello_client and hello_sensor projects, I executed below experiment.

  1. Environment: WICED Smart 2.2.0 (mac). Hardware: BCM20737S
  2. Preparation: download hello_client application for 1 device, and download hello_sensor application to another device.
  3. Connect hello_sensor and hello_client. hello_client_connection_up() is called. In this timing, blecen_GetConn() in hello_client returns 2.
  4. Power off hello_sensor device. hello_client_connection_down() is called in hello_client device. Event though connection has been lost, blecen_GetConn()  returns 2.
  5. When I call blecen_GetConn() in hello_client_timeout(), it returns always 2 (even though wait around 180sec).

Does connection becomes something wrong?

If I call

    blecen_Conn(NO_CONN, NULL, 0);

in hello_client_connection_down(), blecen_getConn() returns 0 correctly.

- Should I call blecen_Conn(NO_CONN, NULL, 0) in connection_down callback?

- Should I avoid to use blecen_GetConn()  to check connection status?

Thank you for your support in advance.

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