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WICED Smart Bluetooth


Please join Broadcom, Avnet and our Module partners who will be hosting an IoT Workshop and Seminar.

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Broadcom's WICED™ (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices), SMART (Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy), is a very low-power family of pin-compatible devices that, when paired with the included Eclipse-based SDK/Development Kit, vastly reduces the effort required to add “Bluetooth Smart” wireless connectivity for a wide range of IoT embedded applications.

The Broadcom BCM20732/36/37 are members of Broadcom's low-power Bluetooth Smart SOC family of solutions in the WICED portfolio. This family enables market-leading Bluetooth Smart solutions at competitive price points and lower power consumption than comparable solutions on the market. Its powerful set of features includes, among others, simultaneous Master/Slave, ADC, PWM, along with a full Embedded BLE stack and numerous configurable BLE profiles included in ROM (i.e. proximity, heart rate monitor, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, time and others).

Broadcom has also partnered with Anaren,, to extend support of this BLE family to their revolutionary new Atmosphere development tool which enables embedded developers to create wireless code and mobile application code in one, extraordinarily user-friendly web environment.

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On the Wi-Fi side of connectivity, Broadcom also provides a full-featured Eclipse-based SDK/Development Kit. Additionally, Broadcom is leading the way with Apple MFi HomeKit ready and Universal Bluetooth Smart to WLAN combo chip designs, all of which allow the developers to create secure embedded wireless networking applications on an existing microcontroller, or on an additional WICED module that includes a microcontroller.

The BCM4334X is a single–chip integrated quad radio (WLAN/BT 4.1/FM/& Near Field Communications [NFC], with integrated low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and a transmit/receive (Tx/Rx) switch which offers a level of integration that greatly reduces the external part count, PCB footprint, and overall cost of the embedded wireless solution.

Broadcom has partnered with Inventek Systems,, to deliver the first production modules based on the highly anticipated and very integrated BCM4334X offering. Broadcom is also working with Inventek to deliver complete turnkey hardware solutions of different form factors to readily enable Wi-Fi, BLE and NFC connectivity in system design. Inventek also offers IWIN (Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network), firmware, a very compelling and user friendly FW protocol to ensure maximum optimization and seamless integration of WICED. In addition, Inventek also provides customers Cloud-ready Agent FW, IWINC (Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network for Clouds) to enable IoT platforms to seamless connect to target Cloud Owners and/or Providers.

Workshop Objective:

During this session attendees will receive an overview of Broadcom’s WICED Smart and WICED Wi-Fi IoT solutions, including a glimpse into the Roadmap for these products. In addition, hands-on demos will be provided which include detailed technical discussion on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy software and hardware topics which affect today’s embedded IoT developer.

Date / Location: See Below

Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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Irvine                       29-Apr

Los Angeles            30-Apr

Toronto                    5-May

Montreal                  7-May

Chicago                  12-May

Minneapolis            14-May

San Jose                21-May

Boston                    16-Jun

Dallas                     18-Jun

Vancouver              23-Jun

San Francisco        25-Jun

Cost: Free

Additional Note: For the morning session, a laptop computer with an existing Anaren A20737A-MSDK1 development board and their Atmosphere development environment already setup is preferred. Limited Wi-Fi access will be provided within the classroom, but for best results it’s recommended that you bring a Wi-Fi hotspot with you as well.

The first 20 registrants will receive both an Anaren A20737A-MSDK1 development kit along with one of the new and yet to be announced Inventek BCM4334X USB Thumb Drive based kits free of charge.

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