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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I am new to USB technology development and to applications development. Although I have some programming skills in C, I have never created a complete working application yet. Cypress provides a lot of documentation and examples, but this material is assumed for users with some level of experience. Given all the project examples, I do not know where to start, what to do with them? The examples do not "run", and they probably should not. What extra code do I need? How do I program the FX-003 kit board? Is Eclipse sufficient enough to create a full working application, or I need to use some other IDE for app development? The ultimate goal is to create the image sensor interface through FX3 (I looked over the AN75779, and the modified version of it for non-header frame transfer, but I do not know what to do with those files).


However, making an LED blink (or similar) as a first project would be good enough to start with. Just like we first program microcontroller to make the LED blink - it would be nice to have a detailed guidance how to make a first working full application with FX3 (with the emphasis on the necessary steps, code sources, the entire application development sequence from start to finish, rather than programming complexity).


If any one has some material on creating a simple application and how to utilize the example projects for application development, please, share the links. Thank you. 

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Hi Naz, 


The equivalent for a blinking LED project for USB devices is called a bulk look example project where we transfer data from PC goes into USB chip and comes back to the PC. 


Getting started with FX3 is the best way to use our device first. Please check the app note below to get started:


Basics of C is fine to get started. If you need any help beyond this or if you get stuck, we can help you further as well. 



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Hi Ajay,


I am rather confused with the amount of files that are involved. Please, correct me if I understand something wrong:


1. To create interface between FX3 and some peripheral through GPIF II, I should design state machine.


2. Then I can use one of the project examples to tailor it to my application. Building this project will create the .img file, which is the firmware that is loaded on the chip and has nothing to do with host application software.


3. The driver for FX3 device is universal for any application and is provided as is by the Cypress. I must pass this driver file to the host computer?


4. The host application software does not use/reference any of the files from project examples? But then, how can I, for example, configure an image sensor, if the configuration functions are not known to the host application?


I have been trying going over the AN70983. When I run the BulkLoop application for about 10 seconds, I notice that the Number of Bytes Transferred OUT is about 80,000. So it's about 8KB/s. Is it right? Why is it so slow?


Thank you.