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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I installed FX3 ez-usb today (1.3.4) and began using it.  I was able to open a project (e-con's CX3 evaluation module) and compile it without any problems.

I then created a new empty project and copied their CX3 source code to it.  Upon trying to compile it, I get this error:

13:01:45 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project aj-13-00283 Dual Pi-Spy Camera for aj-02-00279 ****

make all

Cannot run program "make" (in directory "D:\Optel\Dual-Camera Firmware\Debug"): CreateProcess error=216, This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher

13:01:45 Build Finished (took 12ms)

I have since done a "repair", an uninstall and reinstall.  Still getting the same error.

Any thoughts?



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Hi Abhinav,

Thanks for the reply.  I figured out what went wrong last thing yesterday.  I have a directory named "system" that contains a make.exe from a long time ago.  This is the copy that was running when EZ USB was running it.  It isn't a 64-bit app (they didn't exist when the "bad" make program was written).  Simply deleting it causes EZ USB to report there is no make program available.

From there is did a search for make.exe which is part of the installation, but not in one of the directories that EZ USB adds to the system path.  I had to copy it from it's original location to one of the directories added to the path by the installer.  I picked ..\jre\bin.  Having done this, make now runs.

Thanks for your help.


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