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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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Hello everyone:

  My project was originally created in the 1.3.3 SDK, and both the Release version and the Debug version can run very well. When I upgraded the SDK to 1.3.4, I found that my project was able to run well under the Debug version, but the Release version would fail.Have you encountered this situation?

Here is my questions:

     1.I hope to get the difference between the Debug version and the Release version.

     2.I want to know where the Release version compiler will optimize.

     3.I hope to get more details about the APIs such as CyU3PDebugPrint(), CyU3PUartTransmitBytes(), CyU3PUartReceiveBytes(), etc.

     4.I want to know which way to find a solution to this situation? Or what is the problem?

Here is my configuration of paths:



2.The operating system used is Windows10.

Attachment is my source code

everyone can reply.

Best regards,

Luca L.

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Hello Srinath:

     I have already discovered the cause of the problem. When I handle the SET_CUR command,I sent control commands to other devices through the serial port.I used register mode at the time,Now I am changing to DMA mode, the device is running very well.

     Anyway, I strongly recommend that you test the CyU3PUartTransmitBytes API again. I highly doubt that there is an incomprehensible bug after this API upgrade.Because when I remove this API and replace the CyU3PDmaChannelCommitBuffer, the device response rate is greatly improved.

     If you have test results, please let me know.Thank you.

My Environment:

OS: Windows 10

Host Controller: Intel

Host application: AMCap

Best Regards,

Luca L

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