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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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  Reading the FX3API Guide for the APIs of the FX3 firmware libraries...several questions:


*. There's seem no high resolution timer, the OS timer is too "coarse" for many embedded applications, e.g. my application needs a 1ms timer as a "heart beating" timer...and it needs a "micro-second" level one-shot timer to arrange something after the occurrance of a certain external event. Of course, external hardware might help ....but is there any way to do that without other hardware? Understood that for FX3, there's an OS there, but is there any "Native Timer" device which can provide such services (ISR call back based) as other device driver.


*. Interrupt priority, FX3 device drivers (in libraries) handle all the ISR and call user installed callback, there seem no way for user to customize the prority (FIQ or IRQ for a certain device).


*. Big code size, it seems that a very simple sample code uses ~128KB ( ~100KB for release version, there're lots of library codes included) code space, so it needs 2x 128KByte eeproms (or 3x 64KBytes eeproms) in almost all eeprom based devices, is there any considertaion that a third party "high efficiency" compiler/linker (e.g. from Keil) can be used (and the libraries have to be re-built)?



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The timer tick specification of 1ms +/- 4%. Using a complex GPIO you can implement a one-shot, the API guide has details about the same.


I'll check on the interrupt priority with our software team and let you know.


There is a RTOS being run and the application firmware runs on it. The larger firmware size is due to this. We're looking at this as well, will keep everyone posted through the forum.