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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I am trying to find the maximum speed of transfer over the USB 3.0 to FX3 board using the USBBulkLoopAuto example.


I changed the max. no. of packets to 0x08 in the cyfxbulklpdscr.c file in the bulkloopauto example and used a USB traffic analyser called USBlyzer. And if what I understood is correct it gave me a speed of 40MBps.


I am using atmels AT24C1024B I2C EEPROM. However when I try to increase the data I send to more 8-9KB I am getting the error code: 997. Also when  try to change the size of each packet to 2048 bytes the device manager gives an error message saying "this device cannot start (code 10). What isthe problem here? Is there a better way to findthe max speed of transfer usingthe bulk loopauto exampel specifically? or using the FX3 board as such?


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