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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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In CYUSB 3025 after downloading FX3 Massstorage from SDK, it only detects SDHC, SDXC  UHS-1 is not detecting.. please help.

I have given 3.3V in both S0 and S1 ports.

Do we need 1.8V for reading SDXC UHS -1 cards.?

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If S0 and S1 ports are connected to 3.3V power domain in your design, then only SDHC cards get detected with the default FX3SMassStorage example project, as low voltage operation is enabled by default ( intfParams.lowVoltage = CyTrue)

You need to set intfParams.lowVoltage to CyFalse to disable low voltage operation, so that SDXc cards get detected.

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