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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I'm not sure how to configure the MIPI Receiver for the CX3.

My camera is the OV7251. It has a resolution of 640x480 at 120FPS and 10-bit monochrome raw pixels. 1 MIP lane.

1. What should the values of V and H blanking be? nothing about blanking is mentioned in the datasheet of the image sensor.

2. What should be the values of THS Prepare and Zero?

3. Do I have to set the CSI Clock value to the *exact* correct value? What if the image sensor clock is not exactly correct?

4. Should my Output pixel clock equal 36,864,000 (640x480x120) ?

5. What should be the Fifo delay?

6. Is there somewhere a document that explains all of this? I have read several Cypress documents, including the FX3 and CX3 TRMs, and the AN75779 and AN90369, but they didn't seem to help me find the answers.


Many thanks


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  • You need to consult with sensor FAE to get the values of of H_blanking ,V_blanking ,THS_zero and THS_prepare.
  • You don't need set the CSI clock to *exactly* same to the real value. Most of the values shown in this configuration tools are adjustable. For example, if you set CSI clock to 300 MHz(while the real value is 305 MHz) and the correpsonding FIFO dealy is 200 bytes, it may work since you could change FIFO delay to a smaller value. You could change other values to cover this  mismatch.
  • You could refer to this KBA

       Streaming RAW10 Format Input Data to 16/24-bit Output Format in CX3 MIPI CSI-2 - KBA224387

  • The valus between the min and max are all acceptable.

Hope it helps.

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