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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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Hello all!
I have a problem with my project for fx3 cyusb3014.
By using some examples from directory "EZ-USB FX3 SDK" and from Cypress company site I did a project.
This project contains 4 endpoints: BULK-IN (0x81), BULK-IN (0x82), INTERRUPT-IN(0x83), BULK-OUT (0x02).
Now I want to use 4th endpoint BULK-OUT (0x02). 4th endpoint is a DMA-channel HOST -> UART (tx). I use oscilloscope to view data on line tx.
So, I have two questions:
1 Transmission over BULK-OUT (0x02) works correctly only once (in CyControl application). It seems, that some error is presented in project sources. But I can not find it, where is my error?
2 Maximal length of first packet is equal to 1024 bytes. How can I increase this length? Can I use some queue for transmission big packets in fx3-project or host-project? My OS is Windows'7 x64.
Thanks in advance for any answers!
Regards, Evgeniy
P.S.: Project is attached here.

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