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Re: CX3 configuration for OV5680 RAW10 format

I am understanding  that RAW10 input data can be converted to YUV422 with CX3 based on the above Link,and the conversion data can be viewed as standard UVC data with UVC applications such as AMcap and e-CAMView.


If they change the data format mentioned above, is it ok to think that it can be changed only by customizing the CX3 FW? No need to change the UVC driver?


Could you please explain in details how the data array of YUV422 is converted when RAW10 is packed with 16bits?

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For streaming RAW videos in YUY2 format, you need to develop your own Host Application. Let me make it more clear.

Example 1: RAW 10 output data format (CY_U3P_CSI_DF_RAW10)

In this, the MIPI receiver gives out 10 bits of pixel data to GPIF II block per PCLK. The remaining 6 bits will be 0 padded to make each pixel to have 16 bits so as to conform to YUY2 format. In this case, you need a host application that can accept the 16 bits of pixel data and discard the padded zeros.

Example 2: 16-bit output data format (CY_U3P_CSI_DF_YUV422_8_2)

In this, bits from successive pixels will be packed as as shown in fig 3 of the KBA which was sent before. In this case, the 16 bits obtained after packing will contain information about multiple pixels. So you need to develop a host application that can differentiate the packed bits properly.

Also, please refer to Question 10 of following document for some additional information:

CX3 Firmware: Frequently Asked Questions - KBA91297 

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