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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I have implemented CDC USB class in fx2lp.I have programmed to program->fx2->64k EEPROM.when its programmed to eeprom,its detecting as USB SERIAL PORT under COM PORT.

Again i need to program this fx2lp device,but its not detecting in the default control center.

what is the possibility to program this device again?



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Hello Geetha,

When the large EEPROM is programmed with a firmware that does not have a vendor interface ( binding to CYUSB3 driver ), the Control Center cannot access the device. In order to recover the device, a small EEPROM (single byte address) with 8 bytes of data starting with 0xC0 can be connected on the I2C bus with its address lines set to 000. This would enumerate the device which can be bound to CYUSB3 driver and the large EEPROM can be updated therafter.

In order to avoid this procedure in the future, implement an additional vendor interface on the device. Define a custom vendor command to send data to the large EEPROM to reprogram it.

Best regards,

Srinath S

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