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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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Hi all,


I am very new to the FX3 and I am trying to stream data from a 32 bit bus sampled at 10MHz to the computer. Data is sampled on the GPIF using two alternating threads. A program written on linux using libusb and cython simply reads 2MB of data (for now) and dumps it to the disk. 

Currently, I have a testbench set up to generate a 16-bit binary counter to be sampled. However, looking at the dumped data returned, there are (seemingly random) gaps in the data where the counter will jump values. I cant seem to find any consistency as to where the data drops and how much will be lost. 

Is there any way to figure out how to avoid packet loss?


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Hello Jason,

As the size of the DMA buffer used is 8KB , width of GPIF II data bus used is 32 bits and based on the implementation of GPIF II state machine, I feel that a count limit of 2046 should resolve the issue. Can you please try setting the counter limit to 2046 and let me know the results?

Best Regards,

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