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USB Superspeed Peripherals

New Contributor

AN75779 need an image sensor with the following features :

8-bit synchronous parallel data interface

16 bits per pixel

YUY2 color space

1280 x 720-pixel resolution (720p)

Some image sensors do not meet the requirements (such as OV2710) . only support for output formats: RAW RGB .

How to modify AN75779 in order to this image sensors.

Or do we have other Solution for this image sensors ?

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Please confirm your query.

Your image sensor streams RAW RGB. You want to develop a video application with it. The thread title says modify yuy2 to mjpg. Which is your query.

If you want to stream RAW video format, you do not need to do any modification in the AN75779 firmware. You need to work on host application which streams the RAW video. The standard video host applications cannot stream the RAW image data. It streams YUY2 video format.

You need to customize the host application as per the requirement. If you send RAW data to a standard host video application, it will display it by considering it as YUY2. Hence, you will see some green color in the screen.