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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I had download 03/24/2016 


use fpga to creat data


the example is 8bit with 30fps works fine then i change to 16bit with 60fps still works fine


but when i change to 32bit (60fps and 120fps) the problem occur the data didn't transfer thought usb


follow the pdf i sure isDQ32bit is true both counters is 4091 and SPI is false


this is the list what i changed:


X,Y dimension ratio to 5:4


height to 1024


fps to 120


frame size to 2621440 (1280*1024*2)


which those in VS format descriptor / VS frame descriptor / UVC Probe control settings


In GPIF setting


change data bus width to 32bit


delete sensor_reset pin


change LD_data_counter/LD_addr_counter to 4091




So why this problem happen and whats special for 32bit mode? 

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1) Please clarify what do you mean by data didn't transfer. I suppose the device enumerated on the PC and came up as a imaging device.


2)Connect a USB-UART bridge and check which FX3 API is getting failed.  Please put debug print to count the number of producer and consumer event.  Please report what do you see on the UART.

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        2 situation first for AN75779 sample change to 32bit: 1)device enumerated on the PC and did transfer few image data (traced by Bus hound) then stoped 2)im using cyusb3kit board to debug then i see the thread "tx_thread_schedule" & "tx_thread_system_suspend" is running. change back to 16bit it should be "tx_queue_receive" & "txe_queue_receive" & "CyU3DmaThreadEntry" & "tx_thread_shell_entry" second one is use example in use AN65974 fpga_StreamIn example to genrate fpga data but the device enumerated but no data transfer system run in txe_thread_relinquish thread