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I have a CYUSBS234 DVK but I can't find a way to read I2C data with it.

1. I have a PCB that sends data via I2C, and I would like to plug SCL and SDA to the DVK, then I can read the received data on my computer from the USB port of the DVK I know ffrom.this page how to hook up the i2c lines to the DVK, but I have no idea what software I could use to read the I2C data.

2. I also wanted to use capsense tuner with a custom capsense board, using CYUSBS234 DVK to interface with this custom board with an I2C line. I have my capsense PCB with a psoc 4100S embedded on it, which has an I2C pin connector, so I could hook it up to the CYUSBS234 DVK. Then, I would like to be able to use capsense tuner to read the capsense data from my custom PCB, using the CYUSBS234 DVK. Is this possible? If not, how could I proceed to read the I2C data from my custom board (using CYUSBS234 DVK, or any other method)?

Thank you very much!

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To communicate with an external I2C device, you will have to write a custom application  in platform like Visual Studios to get the data from the slave using the USB-Serial API library.

Please refer to the i2cmaster example which is present in the USB-Serial SDK (path: <installation directory>\Cypress\USB-Serial SDK\examples\usbserialexample)

you can download the USB-Serial SDK from this link:

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