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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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 Hallo Guys,


I ran into some problems last 3 weeks while trying to implement the salve fifo synchronous read module on my fpga using verilog. 


AIM of this project:


Transfer data from PC(matlab file) through c# program(using xferdata()) to the cypress usb. FPGA implements a read module to read data from EP6 and save in a FIFO-memory(IPCORE) for further processing.




After setting the SLOE(active low) and SLRD(active low) as required(Cypress manual), the data on the BUS doesn't really change. I used Chipscope from Xilinx for debugging and i got the following simulation(see pdf  file).


As u can see from the simulation, although sloe and slrd shows that different values where supposed to be put on the bus, only 7373 is present at all times. why?


note: the status signal in the simulation is used to make sure that the slrd signal is asserted for exactly one clock circle meaning the cypress usb-device(Fx2) should increase pointer to next value in fifo(EP6) and sloe means it should move into the fd_bus.


-The usb_fd bus usually shows a different value that was never transmitted.(FD99)why?


-after resetting the usb device, the usb_bus shows 7FFF (I used 16 bits bus)why?


-I also noticed that when I changed the REVCTL = 0x03 in the TD_Init(), my endpoint doesn't work. USB Control Center throws an error (BULK OUT transfer ,BULK OUT transfer failed with Error Code:997) but when I comment it out, it works fine. (EP2 is of no use to me at the moment)


Please guys I have been working on this for weeks and I really need urgent help.


Any help will be greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance 



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Have you overcome this issue or are you still working on this?


If you're still working on this issue, please let us know the following information


Are using auto or manual slave FIFO mode?


What is ur endpoint configuration i.e. EP2 quad buffered, EP6 double buffered etc etc


The flag information (which flag is what and whether they're behaving as expected i.e. say even if data doesn't change doesn't clocking out all the data does the FLAG indicate the buffer is empty etc)