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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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I am looking for a processor [or a few options] -

USB  to analog audio in and out.  Only need stereo out, mono or stereo in is ok.  No fancy audio processing needed.

Also need a few GPIO pins that can watch for a contact closure, and trigger software to simulate a short key sequence via the USB as if it were a USB keyboard.  

If there was one with onboard CODEC that's even better, but I'm thinking more likely to have to use a separate audio CODEC, but it only needs to be a simple one.

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Please refer to FX2LP. This silicon has one GPIF/slave FIFO interface along with UART and I2C interfaces. It is available in 128pin TQFP, 100pin TQFP, 56pin QFN and 56pin SSOP packages. In case you would want the keyboard functionalities only for a few key presses, the GPIO pins/I2C interface can be used and the GPIF/slave FIFO interface can be used for the audio functions.

Best regards,
Srinath S

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