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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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Hi all,

I'm working on a project to use a CY7C65211/CY7C65211A as a USB-I2C interface in order to bootload several PSoC5 devices that are all on a single I2C bus.

To this end I picked up the CYUSBS234 kit to try and bear this out, but I've run into a few snags.

The description on the CYUSBS234 page ( ) says it includes:

"Software drivers, Design documents for DVK (Schematics, Gerbers, and BOM), Configuration Utility, DVK User Guide, DVK Quick Start Guide, terminal application Tera Term, Application examples, and .NET framework files."

Of course what I found that this actually meant is that it includes the .NET Framework installer, not actual .NET libraries.  They appear to be unmanaged C++ libraries, which seems a little funny, as it appears the cypress provided config utility is in written in .NET.

The idea was to build a bootloader host application in .NET as I have done with USB HID and UART bootload interfaces in the past.  There are examples from Cypress, written in .NET that I was able to follow to get them going.  The problem is for this USB-Serial API, there are no such examples.

Now, I'm a firmware guy and PC application development isn't my strong suit, so I have no idea how to get this API going in a .NET application.  Getting the bootload host API going in .NET was as simple as following the instructions in chapter 5 of this guide:

The problem is, now I'm at the step where I have to talk to the USB-Serial bridge in order to write the OpenConnection/CloseConnection/ReadData/WriteData functions.  The USB-Serial API is much larger, more complex, and there isn't a guide like the above link.

Does anyone maybe have some insight they could share into how I can get this working?  It would be greatly appreciated.

Would I maybe be better off just writing a C++ console application so I can just call all this stuff native rather than having to worry about managed vs. unmanaged?

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Please find the attached project for the implementation of I2C Read/Write in C# using the cyusbserial.dll file and let me know if this method can be used along with the boot-loader host APIs.

Best regards,

Srinath S

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