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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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We have a scenario in which we are developing a board application (including two PSoCs) for an international customer.  Our present Silicon Laboratories USB bridge chip requires SiLabs drivers to be installed on the user's machine.  The IT departments of many customers (including this company) prohibit the loading of non-standard external drivers in their employees machines.  From the CY7C65215 datasheet it appears that the standard Windows driver will/may be used if all we are doing is UART-to-USB traffic.  Nothing special.  However, the CYUSBS236 development kit is showing no way around installation and use of the Cypress driver.

We found we could force Windows to load the standard Microsoft driver by modifying the VID/PID,  Tests with a terminal emulator showed the USB bridge to be functioning.  However, after changing the VID/PID we can no longer change it back to the Cypress default because we can't list it in the configuration utility anymore.  The chip is functional, but bricked from a configuration standpoint.  Is there a way to unbrick it? 

This can't be this difficult.  How do we force the use of the standard Windows driver which we believe is USBSER.SYS?


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Hello Jon,

Yes, I was suggesting the above steps to return to the default VID/PID by binding to the cyusb3.sys driver and then binding to the Microsoft CDC driver. Please ignore the warning regarding the incompatible driver in Windows 10 that you get when you try to forcibly bind it. If you've been able to unbrick the devices, you should be able to change the configuration using the Configuration Utility as per your requirement.

For binding to the Windows CDC driver, after it is bound to the Cypress driver, please uninstall the device from the device manager and then update the driver as mentioned the in the KBA. The KBA content has not been updated, please select the CyWinCDC.inf file from the CywinCDC folder after extracting the contents of the downloaded file. Please let us know if you still face an error.

Best Regards,


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