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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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The CY7C65211 allows to configure two GPIOs as TXLED# and RXLED#. According to the datasheet

  • TXLED# Drives LED during USB transmit,
  • RXLED# Drives LED during USB receive.

In its default configuration (according to the USB config tool) TXLED# is GPIO_0 (pin 18) and RXLED# is GPIO_1 (pin 19).

In a test it turns out that TXLED# and RXLED# are always on, even when USB is plugged into a dumb power bank, i.e. there certainly is not data on the data lines. That's not quite what I expected.

When I switch to I2C I see is that TXLED# and RXLED# is always on until some communication occurs - then RXLED# turns off and stays off.

What is the meaning of all this? There is no relation between a presumed TXLED#/ RXLED# status and the GPIO value.

(By the way, in the schematic of the CY8CKIT-049-42XX the headers are labeled J4,5,6 whereas the silk screen of the board says J5,6,7. @cypress Please fix.)

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By default the TXLED# and RXLED# lines should be high so when the device is plugged into the power bank, the LEDs arent expected to be on. I configured two other GPIOs  since GPIO_0,GPIO_1 arent present on the GPIO header on our DVK and checked for the above two cases. When the device is self-powered and not connected to the host, both the lines are pulled high and on connecting to host and switching to I2C mode to perform data read, the RXLED line goes low followed by TXLED. Please find waveforms for both the cases attached.

Could you try checking for the output on the pins directly?

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