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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

New Contributor II

Hi. Trying to develop a new product based on the FX2LP so recently purchased the CY3684 kit. The docs appear to be out of sync with the current software but believe we have the demo code working.

The first usb example is the bulkloop binary. Seems to echo to the host the sent packet of data.

We do not see any LEDs blinking nor the display counting up or down as per the docs.

Is our kit DOA or the latest firmware no longer uses the LEDs to permit other custom FX2LP boards to use the same demo code?

Believe our jumpers are correct. Will review the Keil code today but this should have worked in a few minutes. Now have to debug factory ready code?

If yes, where is the older but led supporting firmware we can download to continue our learning process. One that will match the documentation.

Out of the box experience has been poor. Well written docs but if the example or software do not match then the whole process is a waste of our valuable time.

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New Contributor II

I think I have located an older version of the supporting s/w on my home PC.

At the office, we know to have 2 different versions of the SDK / kit files. The binaries that are present inside a more recent download DO NOT blink the onboard LED # D5 nor light up the 7-segment (I2C port expander based?) display.

For now, since we have this working, can ignore this thread.  This older download also offers the CyControl that looks the same as in the CY3684 documentation. The more recent download does not look the same and is confusing for first time users of these tools.