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Hello ,

I'm having a issue with the communication between my CCG3 (CY4531 : daughter card is CYPD3125) and the software EZ-PD Utility.

This morning i was able to build my CYPD3125_notebook from PSOC Creator and transfer the .cyapd into my CCG3 by using EZPD Configuration Utility , but since I disconnect the cable from my PC , i can't update the new firmware in EZ PD Configuration Utility .

My PC find the USB device connected in the device manager of windows , and the 2 Greens LED works and the Orange one is blinking, i tried to refresh , turn off my computer and my CYPD4531. I can't understand why i can't update the firmwares into my CCG3 .

The error shown in EZ PD Configuration utility is "Failed to communicate with CCGx device over I2C".

Best Regards,

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What changes did you make in the PSoC project before generating the .cyacd file?

I suggest you to use the default binaries in the CCGx SDK to program the CCG. You may not be able to update the firmware using EZ-PD configuration utility, but you can still program the frimware hex into the device using Miniprog and PSoC creator. Please try and let us know if you see any problem.

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