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Traveo II

In Traveo II ,I want to call SROM API in CM0,How to do.

Traveo II
Hello According to Evita report D3.2 Secure on-board architecture specification,  the secure core for HSM shall be "reprogrammable".  Is this supporte... Show More
Traveo II
I am developing CAN Communication with TJA1145 AND CYT2B9CAE  classic CAN Example. But  If you request the CAN transmission in the current example, th... Show More
Traveo II
Hello,   I can find some documents related to CYT2B7 (like data sheet and User manual), but there is no definition of the registers (address, content.... Show More
Traveo II
Hello,I would like to generate fast sine using PWM and DMA (128kHz sine). This signal would source inverter, it would be needed complementary PWM sign... Show More
Traveo II
hi, i am using SDL 7.0 with Starter Kit board and GHS Multi. Using GPIO example in SDL, we program only cpu CM4 using Lauterbach Power Debug tool. Aft... Show More
Traveo II
Hello, I am using CYT2B9 controller in my new project. I couldn't find the user manual for the controller anywhere. Can anybody please guide me to fin... Show More
Traveo II
Hello Cypress Team, I tried to raise ticket in portal but I am getting massage like [we are temporarily not able to... Show More
Traveo II
Hi, Looking at the CYT3BB/CYT4BB datasheet, page 73, the last item in group 7 appears to have an incorrect description: TCPWM0 Group #1 Counter #56 th... Show More
Traveo II
I finally got a clean compile for a simple program using IAR EWARM on the TVII-B-H-8M board.  However the linker complains that several functions are ... Show More
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Traveo II

Discussion forum regarding 32-bit Traveo™ II Microcontroller - based on ARM® for automotive body electronics applications; cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features topics.
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