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The ModusToolbox forum includes discussions regarding multi-platform development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub-hosted firmware libraries accompanied by thoroughly tested code example applications.

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WICED Studio

Discussion forum regarding WICED Studio related topics.

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PSoC Creator & Designer Software
Hi all. I have a project with BLE v3.66 component built in and I would like to update it to v4.2. I used automatic update component and the .cysch fil... Show More
WICED Studio Bluetooth
I have just bought a CYBT-353027-EVAL board, and I have installed WICED Studio.This page says "Paste the folder in the WICED Studio 6.2 folder path …\... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hello, I am running wl command sequences  and the pkteng_start/stop fails with error -23  each time. Module is CYW43455 / BCM43455 here is the sequenc... Show More
ModusToolbox General
Hello Team, We are working on  CYBT-413055-02 MOD board which uses CYW20719 (QFN-40) SOC which is coin cell driven application, This module is going t... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
I'm working on a Bootloader project using PSoC Creator 4.4.I have a unique workspace for both the bootloader and bootloadable projects.If I change the... Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
Dear Sirs, I am not able to compile my current project (TARGET:CYBT-413055-EVAL) anymore - no idea why. When building the following message occurs: /b... Show More
WICED Studio Bluetooth
The 'default_ble_power_level' for the CYW20719 is set to +12. The config file references a 'lm_TxPwrTable' for the power ranges. I am unable to find t... Show More
ModusToolbox General
Hello, In case of PSoC6, we can create a custom BSP in two ways. Show More
ModusToolbox AnyCloud SDK
Hi,  I am using AnyCloud Mqtt Client with CY8CKIT-062S2-43012.And trying to add https client to the project (I need to get some data before connect to... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
Hi All, I'm using PC 4.4 under Windows 10 with a workspace placed in a share folder (filesystem on local network).In PSOC4 projects I'm experimenting ... Show More
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Software including ModusToolbox, PSoC Creator, WICED Studios and Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux .
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