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WICED Sense data publish to IBM Bluemix demo via BCM94343W_AVN


WICED Sense data publish to IBM Bluemix demo via BCM94343W_AVN

In this application you will connect the WICED Sense device to Avnet IoT starter kit over BLE and publish the WICED Sense sensors data to IBM Bluemix using MQTT.


1) Open the project contents provided below

2) Copy the ibm_bt_smartbridge folder from unzipped folder

3) Go back to the SDK (eclipse IDE) navigate to demo folder by expanding apps folder in Project Explorer. Right click and paste the ibm_bt_smartbridge folder.


4) Copy the bt_smartbridge folder from the folder located under libraries/daemons

5) Paste the above copied folder under libraries/daemons

On prompt of overwrite all files press “Yes to all”


6) Navigate to the ibm_bt_smartbridge project under demo and open the wifi_config_dct.h file, edit the SSID and passphrase as per your access point details.

Edit the “YOUR_AP_SSID”



On editing press the Save Icon on Top or “Ctrl+S” to save the changes made

7) Open the bt_smartbridge.c under ibm_bt_smartbridge demo folder and go to Line 257(Pressing Ctrl+L)

Edit the “WICED Sense Kit” to your WICED Sense kit device you have. Else retain it to be default


Press the Save Icon on Top or “Ctrl+S” to save the changes made

😎 Import the platform files similar to step 5 and have it copied under the platforms folder

9) In order to compile and download the application to hardware. Create a new Make target in SDK by right clicking on WICED-SDK  in Make target window ( This is on the right side of the SDK)pastedImage_61.png

10) On Click of New make target, the following window opens up. Type in

demo.ibm_bt_smartbridge-BCM94343W_AVN-ThreadX-NetX download download_apps run


11) To start the build process double click the make target that was created above


12) You can notice the progress of the build and download status on the console window as highlighted belowpastedImage_73.png

13) On successful build and download of the application, switch to the TeraTerm window and you will notice the hardware rebooting and launching the ibm_bt_smartbridge application

14) Kindly make a note of two things highlighted on teraterm application


15) Make sure your laptop is connected to the same Access point as the Avnet IoT starter Kit is. In the above logs as an example you can notice “MMP” is SSID that the IoT starter kit is connecting to, laptop also is connected to the same access point.

16) Wait for the message in TeraTerm logs

[HTTP] wiced_http_server_start

17) After seeing these launch a browser on your laptop and enter the URL of the IP address the device. As an example notice the highlight in red above “”.

18)  You should see the below page being displayed ( This is the webpage hosted by the Avnet IoT Starter Kit)

Wake Up the WICED Sense ( by using the wake up button) and Hit on Rescan button on the webpage as shown below, this scans for the BLE devices around and displays the scan result.


19) Connect to the device with the WICED Sense advertising name

20) On successful connection the Device gets added under Connection list as seen below


21) On hitting “Details” button, the characteristics and services of the WICED Sense is displayed


  1. 9) The Avnet IoT starter kit is now publishing the WICED Sense sensor data to IBM Bluemix


22) Open a browser on your laptop. Make sure you are connected to a network with Internet connectivity. Type in the below URL


23) Enter the mac id of your device into the device id section of webpage and hit Go.

24) You should see the WICED Sense sensor data being published for every interval. Try shaking the WICED Sense and and notice the values changing on graph.

9/9/16 update:

PS: ibm_bt_smartbridge_V2 added for SDK 3.7.x onwards ..( the Bluetooth layer was changed hence sharing the new application/platform files and details)

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