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Upgrade USB Drivers for WICED Studio 6.1


Upgrade USB Drivers for WICED Studio 6.1

Starting in WICED Studio 6.1, the FTDI driver has been changed from using libusb0 to libusbK. When installing WICED Studio 6.1, updated drivers will be installed for WICED evaluation boards. These drivers should take effect automatically, but if they do not, follow the steps below to upgrade the new drivers. This should only affect Windows users.

  1. Remove the current drivers
    1. Plug in a WICED device and open the Device Manager
    2. Right click on the "WICED USB Serial Port" and uninstall the driver - delete the driver from the system to ensure it does not get automatically reinstalled
    3. Repeat for the "WICED USB JTAG Port"
  2. Install the Serial port driver with <WICED Studio Dir>/Drivers/Windows/wiced_uart/DPInst_x64.exe (or DPInst.exe for 32 bit machines)
  3. Install the JTAG Port driver with <WICED Studio Dir>/43xxx_Wi-Fi/tools/drivers/CYW9WCD1EVAL1/InstallDriver.exe
  4. Disconnect and reconnect the WICED device (or click scan for hardware changes in the device manager) and verify the driver installation4.png5.PNG
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