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Unbricking of CYW943907


Unbricking of CYW943907

This post discusses how to recover a bricked CYW943907 device on CYW943907AEVAL1F  kit due to incorrect clock settings.

The CYW43907 boots from internal ROM and then loads an application from external sflash.

By mistake, if a corrupted application (wrong clock setting etc) is flashed into sflash, then there is a fair amount of possibility that sflash may not be able to be programmed (For instance, setting the sflash clock to 25 MHz).

In this case, the only way is to make sure that program in sflash not to be executed. The easiest way is to short the chip select (CS_L) to High while the device is getting booted. Once this is done, we can upload a new example using the build target in WICED studio. The following diagrams show the necessary hardware connection required to pull the chip select pin of the sflash high.


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