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Smart Home Garden With Bluetooth Mesh


Smart Home Garden With Bluetooth Mesh

This project was submitted by @Ashok Ra in The Cypress Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest with Mouser and and was one of the winners.


Project Technology Focuses

  • CYW20819 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5 MCU
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • Cypress  BT Mesh Android Mobile App
  • Twilio Messaging

Project Requirements 


  • EZ-BT™ Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit (CYBT-213043-MESH)
  • CMOS Analogue Switches
  • SparkFun Micro Servo Motor (ROB-09065)
  • 12V, 3A Water Pump
  • SSR Relays


Project Description

This project strived to deliver a robust prototype of a truly automated home system - a Smart Garden. This project leveraged the EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit and showed how multiple nodes can be used in a smart home to do different tasks: Turn on LED lights when motion is detected, control the opening and closing of a gate/mailbox and actuate an irrigation system. It also showed the benefits of Bluetooth Mesh networking and Cypress solution - as all of these different nodes were controlled by a modified version of Cypress' reference Android Mobile App. This project took things a step further and interfaced the Mesh App with Twilio's Messaging API so that a user would get WhatsApp messages when the irrigation system was turned on for example.


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