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Re-purpose GPIO in Evaluation Board To Drive Motors


Re-purpose GPIO in Evaluation Board To Drive Motors

Use BCM9WCD1EVAL1 (P402) base evaluation board with BCM943362WCD4 module to re-purpose GPIO pins utilized for serial flash and thermistor.

1. Remove the serial flash (U8) and thermistor (TH1) from the breakaway board. The breakaway board could simply be broken, but because the push button switches and LEDs are used in this demo only some components are removed.

2. Using ULN2803A transistor array, make the connections described in the following schematics.


3. Update SDK with attached code as shown below.


Update .../include/default_wifi_config_dct.h as following or your choice of name and pass phrase.

     #define CONFIG_AP_SSID     "WICED Motor Control"

     #define CONFIG_AP_PASSPHRASE     "12345678"

4. Start the WicedSerial.exe serial port application to observe messages from WICED device.

5. Build and download the motor control sample application to the target.

     demo.motor_control-BCM943362WCD4_MTR download run

In this case the BCM943362WCD4_MTR is a new platform derived from WICED evaluation board.

6. Connect your wireless web browser supported device (PC or smart phone) to 'WICED Motor Control" with "12345678" pass phrase.

7. Using your web browser go to or directly go to to connect to your network.


8. Get the WICED board's IP address from the serial terminal and use your browser connect to WICED webpage.


Use ON/OFF to control the motors or your device connected to the re-purposed GPIO.

Use LED Brightness + and - to control LED1 (D1) and LED2 (D2) brightness on the evaluation board.

LED1 brightness could also be controlled using SW1 and SW2 on the evaluation board as well as from the remote webpage.

Here is modified evaluation board to drive DC motors.


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