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PSoC 6 Low-Power Comparator (LPCmp)

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PSoC 6 Low-Power Comparator (LPCmp)


Thought I'd update everyone on PSoC 6's Low-Power Comparator (LPCmp) analog resource.

PSoC 6's LPCmp can be used for not only for general voltage comparisons, but also a wakeup source to system resources when in Hibernate mode and deep-sleep mode.

Some of the key features are the following:

  • Programmable power modes (Normal Power, Low-Power, Ultra Low-Power)
  • Very low power consumption in ultra-low power-mode (typ. 200nA)
  • Short propagation delay (Normal Power max. 50ns, Low-Power max. 150ns, Ultra Low-Power max 3.5us)
  • Comparing a voltage from an external pin against the local voltage reference
  • Comparing a voltage source from the internal analog-mux buses
  • Configurable interrupt edge detection at the comparator output
  • Wakeup source from low-power modes

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions, we appreciate the feedback!

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