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How to add TimeStamp into HEX file name in PSoC Creator


How to add TimeStamp into HEX file name in PSoC Creator

Question: To achieve better software version control, can the hex filename generated by PSoC Creator add timestamp automatically?

Answer: Yes. PSoC Creator provides a post-build option in linker config GUI to enable customers to execute customize single linker script command or a bat file that includes multi commands.

For example: add the below linker script command in the post-build text box can make PSoC Creator generate a bin file besides the hex file.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.4\PSoC Creator\import\gnu\arm\5.4.1\bin\arm-none-eabi-objcopy" -S -O binary ".\CortexM0p\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\Design01.elf" ".\CortexM0p\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\Design01.bin"

But add timestamp into hex file needs require multi commands, so a bat file should be used to realize this feature.

Step1: Create a text file named HexTimeStamp and save it as a bat file.

Step2: Add command "..\HexTimeStamp.bat" ${OutputDir} ${ProjectShortName} in post build text.  



Step3: Add below script  in bat file.

 :: Post-build command "..\HexTimeStamp.bat" ${OutputDir} ${ProjectShortName}, bat file must be placed in the same path (deep level) as project .cydsn folder
:: ${OutputDir} = %1,the path of hex file locate at
:: ${ProjectShortName} = %2, the name of project and hex file

:: Print date and time value, like Wed 08/25/2021_13:38:44.32
echo %date%_%time%
:: relocate path to where hex file locate at, like \CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\
cd %1

::echo off
:: format month+day data, 08/25 --> 0825
set date_num1=%date:~4,5%
set date_num1=%date_num1:-=%
set date_num1=%date_num1:/=%
:: format year data, /2021 --> 2021
set date_num2=%date:~9,5%
set date_num2=%date_num2:-=%
set date_num2=%date_num2:/=%
:: format hours:minute:second data, 13:38:44 --> 133844
:: if first value is 0, add zero in the left side. 3:38:44 -->033844
set time_num=%time:~0,8%
set time_num=%time_num::=%
if "%time_num:~0,1%"==" " set "time_num=0%time_num:~1%"

echo on
echo "Insent time stamp in hex file's name >>"
:: combine into final time stamp value and add into hex file name
:: .\Hex_TimeStamp.hex .\Hex_TimeStamp_20210825_133844.hex
copy .\%2.hex .\%2_%date_num2%%date_num1%_%time_num%.hex

Step4: Build project multi times, you can find timestamp is added into hex file name.



PSoC Creator Build log for bat file:

:: ..\HexTimeStamp.bat Hex_TimeStamp 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn>echo Wed 08/25/2021_13:38:44.32 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn>cd .\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\ 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num1=08/25 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num1=08/25 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num1=0825 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num2=/2021 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num2=/2021 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set date_num2=2021 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set time_num=13:38:44 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>set time_num=133844 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>if "1" == " " set "time_num=033844" 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>echo on 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>echo "Insent time stamp in hex file's name >>" 
:: ..\Hex_TimeStamp.cydsn\CortexM4\ARM_GCC_541\Debug>copy .\Hex_TimeStamp.hex .\Hex_TimeStamp_20210825_133844.hex 


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