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Environmental Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Network


Environmental Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Network

This project was created by the Cypress Partner: Arrow who is a global distributor as well as a strategic partner for creating development platforms based on Cypress technology. This project also leverages sensors from ADI.



Project Technology Focuses

  • CYW20819 Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5 MCU
  • Bluetooth Mesh
  • Cypress BT Mesh iOS Mobile App
  • Environmental Sensing

Project Requirements



Project Description

This project is one of many within a hands-on workshop Arrow Electronics is hosting in conjunction with Cypress and ADI called à Demystifying Bluetooth Mesh: Easily Design Reliable and Secure IoT Networks. This workshop goes through a series of Bluetooth Mesh example projects using Cypress’ Bluetooth SDK within the ModusToolbox Software Environment. One of the particularly interesting examples creates a mesh network using one of the on-board temperature sensors of the CYW20819 Arduino Eval Kit as well as well as a Red Light Sensor from ADI’s CN0397 Arduino Shield. This project is a great demonstration of how easy it is to add external sensor nodes into Cypress’ Bluetooth Mesh solution, which in reality most applications will require. This project is Lesson 7.12 of the Demystifying Bluetooth Mesh workshop.



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