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Connected Drone Ground Control


Connected Drone Ground Control

This project was submitted by @balearicdynamics in the PSoC 6 and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Change the Planet with PSoC® IoT Design on and was one of the runner-ups! 


Project Technology Focuses

  • PSoC® 6 Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ MCU
  • CYW4343W 802.11n Wi-Fi + Dual-Mode Bluetooth Radio
  • AWS IoT Cloud Services
  • LoRaWAN® Connectivity

Project Requirements 

Project Description

This project added the edge processing and connectivity capabilities of combining PSoC 6 and Wi-Fi to a NanoDrone project. This project is actually a great example of how IoT technologies (like the combination of our MCUs, Wireless, and Software) can add exciting innovation to current embedded projects. Essentially the developer here created a connected “Ground Control Unit” for his drone. The PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit interfaced with an Arduino LoRaWAN Dev Kit which is receiving locational and environmental data from the NanoDrone. This data is shared with the PSoC 6 MCU through a wired connection, processed, and then sent to AWS IoT Core as well as an AWS IoT SiteWise Portal to categorize, monitor, and visually represent the data provided by the NanaDrone prototype system.    

psoc nanodrone.PNG


Project Links

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AWS IoT Technical Resources

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