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Create a bootable SD Card with released Linux software as described in “Wi-Fi/BT EVK for i.MX6 Quick Start Guide (Linux)”, The Quick Start Guide “Preparing Bootable SD Card for i.MX6 with Wi-Fi/BT EVK” describes steps to create an SD Card, follow this section to create bootable SD Card. Steps in section Quick Start Guide “Copying/Replacing Files on SD Card” describes how to update image and setup to run WiFi and Bluetooth.

Setup mapping of the BT_REG_ON for resetting the BT radio before starting the BSA server.

Open a three terminal windows to start BSA Server, app_manager client application and the app_av client application.

Start the BSA Server application on one of the terminal windows.

     ./bsa_server –d /dev/tty… -p <patch_file> -all <debug level>



     ./bsa_server -d /dev/ttymxc2 -p BCM43341B0.1BW.hcd -all 1

Start the app_manager client application on the second terminal window. The app_manager client application is used to accept the simple connection between BT speaker and BSA server.


Start the app_av client application on the third terminal window. The app_av BSA client application to setup the BT speaker connection and the stream audio.


Below are the steps to connect the BT speaker.

Using app_av:

1. 2 => Start Discovery

2. 6 => AV Open (Connect)

2.1 1 Device found in last discovery

(If it was connected previously, “0 Device from XML database (already paired)” could be used.)




ClassOfDevice:24:04:14 => Audio/Video


VidSrc:1 Vid:0x00CC Pid:0x2000 Version:0x0100

Select device => 4 (Select the sink device to stream)

Using app_manager BSA client application accept the Accept Simple Pairing:

3. 11 => Accept Simple Pairing

Using app_av BSA client application

4. 4 => AV Register (Create local source point)

The "9 => AV Play Tone" menu option could be used to play tone using app_av.

The "14 => AV Stop" menu option could be used to stop the tone (streaming) using app_av.

To steam WAV files using app_av BSA client application, place the WAV files in "./test_files/av/" relative to where

app_av is located.

The "11 => AV Play File" menu option could be used to play tone using app_av.

Play list:

0 : ./test_files/av/air_raid.wav

codec(PCM) ch(1) bits(8) rate(11025)

1 : ./test_files/av/greatfuldeadSugaree.wav

codec(PCM) ch(2) bits(16) rate(11025)

2 : ./test_files/av/greatfuldeadSugareeHiQ.wav

codec(PCM) ch(2) bits(16) rate(44100)

3 : ./test_files/av/greatfuldeadSugareeLowQ.wav

codec(PCM) ch(2) bits(16) rate(11025)

4 : ./test_files/av/greatfuldeadSugareeMidQ.wav

codec(PCM) ch(2) bits(16) rate(22050)

Select a WAV file to stream from the provided list of WAV files.

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