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Power Management

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I have CYALKIT-E02 and CYALKIT-E03. I am trying to understand the length of time for a beacon transmission. That is, the interval that the beacon is advertising. Not the interval between broadcasts, but the interval that the beacon is broadcasting. I need this information to optimize a procedure for beacon scanning.


From the code in the CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit Guide, Doc. No. 002-11317 Rev. *A, I can see the comment (p58), /* When sensor is used, advertise interval is fixed to 10.24s */. Does this mean that the solar powered beacons in CYALKIT-E02 and CYALKIT-E03 will advertise for 10.24s whenever there is enough power to advertise?


I do not have equipment to directly measure the length of the transmission, but some other information about this issue confuses me.


In Table 3-1. Light Level Versus Time Interval, in the document referenced above gives varying duration of intervals, depending upon light level and whether the supercapacitor is fully charged, of 3s-50s. Is this the time interval between transmissions, with all transmissions being 10.24s when they occur?


In section Complete BLE Sensor Beacon Process, in the document referenced above, the trace for BLE Current (4-Green) seems to show a much short duration for the advertisement.


Does the duration of the transmission depend on whether the beacon is in Demo or Timer mode?


Thanks very much for any help you can provide that will increase my understanding.



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Hello again,


After doing some more thinking and reading about this, I think I have a better understanding of the situation. Can anyone confirm that:


1.  The current traces in (4-Green) as mentioned in my previous post, are representative of the very short time to transmit the advertising packet. That is, a single packet is transmitted.


2. The other values that I referred to in my original post are all intervals between transmissions.


Am I on the right track?





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