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Hello, I am using PSOC6 PROTOTYPEKIT BOARD 。I am using a Verilog file for DS18B20 testing (I got it from a test in Altera Cyclone IV and it works well... Show More
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I have my mux set up for channel 0 and the INJ channel.   I can read channel 0 fine with ADC_StartConvert(); ADC_IsEndConversion( ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT ... Show More
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Hello, when i am building project in Psoc Creator 4.4, i am getting an error as given below.. # An internal error occurred in the fitter: (System.Coll... Show More
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Hello   We are developing DMC software on PSoC Creator. We have two kind of SDKs, so I'd like to have one. When porting FW, I think the related files ... Show More
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Hi,  is there a dark theme option in PSoC creator? if yes, how can I enable it? if no, is there a timetable for that? it would help the developers com... Show More
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Howdy,  I'm a mechanical engineer... graduated nearly 10 years ago now... I need to be able to control things and need to build up an entirely new ski... Show More
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I'm trying to use the ShiftReg 2.30 component in the schematic editor.   I'm looking for a output "pin" to tell me if the input FIFO is empty, so I ca... Show More
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Cypress Update Manager is a component of PSoC development products. When you install PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer, etc., it will be automatically i... Show More
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我们有个空调触摸面板的项目,想用Cypress的触摸,需求是要用到6个触摸按键,另外需要带UART口,引脚不要太多,面板要做小一点,请推荐下,谢谢! Show More