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I'm note sure if I'm asking teh question in the correct forum. sorry if it is not.


In the SW we are developing we want to use the EmFile SW to access the SDCard (so it would be linkned and distributed with our proprietery code). Their license has a open source related term that is not clear to me.




Free and Open Source Software.  Portions of the Software may be licensed under free and/or open source licenses such as the GNU General Public License ("FOSS").  FOSS is subject to the applicable license agreement and not this Agreement.  If you are entitled to receive the source code from Cypress for any FOSS included with the Software, you may obtain the source code at no charge from <>.  The applicable license terms will accompany each source code package.  To review the license terms applicable to any FOSS for which Cypress is not required to provide you with source code, please see the directory within the Software's installation directory on your computer named  "Third Party Licenses" or similar.




My question is on the "may be". does anyone know what this actually means? Does EMFile includes or not open source components? If yes, which components are these and what is their license? How this impact my proprietery code?


Has anyone being thrgouht that?


Thanks in advanced fir the help,



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Duplicate post being handled here -





Regards, Dana.