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I find many had these CMSIS related issues raised in these forums but unfortunately I don't see any solution yet.


I need to use ARM CMSIS DSP Libs on pSoC5LP.


ARM provides these libs for all Cortex-M3 devices which one can get from :


It also provides a uvproject file to get all these Lib sources compiled on their MDK as well GCC software toolchains.


I have compiled these as a Lib file for GCC to be used for linking on pSoc Creator using the ARM's uVision IDE set to compile for GCC. The compilation and library creation were succesful.


Since Cypress supports mainly GCC Toolchain on pSoC Creator, I am trying to create an empty project on my pSoC5LP kit, using the Cypress provided GCC 4.7.3 Tools for software using a simple example provided for CMSIS DSP Lib 'arm_class_marks_example'


The linking of this CMSIS DSP Lib does not work on pSoC Creator and it gives undefined reference errors. It does not link these lib functions eventhough I have setup all the paths etc correctly.


I have included an archive of this project.


Appreciate any help in resolving these issues related to use of CMSIS DSP Lib on pSoC Creator.


Thanks in advance!

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